64. More Than Meets the Eye

63. The Truth about IELTS Training

62. A Skill is Useless Without Knowledge

61. A Clear View of Inductive Learning

60. Creativity in Life, Learning & Teaching

59. Mapping the Course for Global Learners

58. Debunking Ignorance around NLP

57. The Economics of Content and Why it Will Always Rule

56. A Story Paints a Million Words

55. The Drawbacks of Online Language Learning

54. Unity and Emotions in Teaching

53. Wittgenstein for Learners

52. A Game of Consequences

51. A Myopic Mode of Teaching

50. Practising the Art of Writing

49. The Holy Grail of Communication

48. A Classic Book by Otto Jespersen

47. Giving People a Leg Up

46. Richard Feynman’s Reasons for Teaching

45. The Double Helix

44. The Principle of Minimalism in ELT

43. Pygmalion and Positivity in English Learning

42. Entertainment in English — A Free Ebook

41. The Exceptions That Make the Rules

40. Ruminations on Contrastive Linguistics & Tea

39. Breaking News — and Using it in Class

38. Dumbing Down Teacher Training

37. The Pillars of Debate

36. Great Debates — A New Course in Critical Thinking

35. A General Critique of Learning Materials

34. Negotiating with Terrorists

33. Sometimes the Simplest Ones are the Best

32. The Golden Rule of Language Teaching

31. A Method in the Madness

30. A Lesson on Greed

29. Synchronicity, Music & Memory

28. The Big Secret of Good Teaching

27. A Barrier to Entry in TESOL

26. Some Thoughts on CLIL...

25. Family Fortunes & The Collective Unconscious

24. Romeo & Juliet for Beginners

23. There is no Failure, only Feedback

22. Cross Cultural Awareness

21. Using Squiggles to Communicate

20. Blind Date — Part II

19. Dogme Is an Elitist Anti-Construct

18. Having Some Fun In Class

17. From Each According to His Need, to Each According to His Ability

16. Try a Bit of Shakespeare…

15. Using Psychology to Get the Best out of Learners

14. The China Question

13. Learning to Stand on Your Own Two Feet

12. The Art in Teaching

11. Separated by a Common Language

10. Da Vinci’s Seven Principles in ELT

9. Turning Students into English Ranconteurs

8. Learning from Comenius

7. The Unbearable Lightness of Materials

6. Technology Is Ice Cream

5. Building Stronger Competence Through Variety

4. Everybody’s Political What’s What?

3. Breaking Taboos — Good or Bad?

2. The Semantic Translation Method

1. The Post-Colonial Folly of ESL Theorists