Practising the Art of Writing

August 2013

Contexts for Creative Writing

This is a new book that my father wrote before he passed away. It is a structured course in creative writing providing opportunity for learners to work through a variety of exercises individually.

Family bias aside, this is a course that gets right to the heart of the writing process and which reflects his expertise as a teacher and a writer. However the book was never published in his lifetime, so I’m releasing it here.

Although the course is designed for L1 users (KS3 and above), when you see the directness and simplicity of the exercises then you see how easily transferable they are to ESL and all teachers of English, as well as for anyone wishing to develop writing skills in general.

Here is the rationale.

“This book is based on the belief that the best writing comes not out of the blue but from a context in which the writer can feel involved, and that writing needs as much practical emphasis as a craft as does woodwork, art or music.

To aid involvement each chapter contains an initial situation to provide a context which is explored and broken down in a workshop fashion, the practices learned being then applied to a variety of similar situations.

The contexts themselves cover a range of writing opportunities and functions — factual and analytic, descriptive and imaginative, dramatic and narrative — exploring the particular needs and challenges of each. They are also progressive and from chapter to chapter there is a development to more complex situations and styles.”