Entertainment in English — A Free Ebook

March 2013

In this collection of lessons I have readapted some of the most successful and entertaining gameshow formats from US and UK television and radio from over the last forty years. This set of lessons forms the third pillar in my theory of communicative learning.

Available in all formats here.

The premise behind the course is that competition and game-playing are extremely conducive to language learning as the students use language they have acquired in a personal context while undertaking a meaningful task. Even the most uninspired and shy students are usually pretty keen to participate in games. From an educational perspective this competitiveness is a virtue; something which facilitates active learning. At the end of the book there is an amount of ‘cash’ to be photocopied multiple times and used as an alternative to stacking up points, because I have found that using cash, albeit phony cash, gives games a lot more realism, tension, and raucousness. I hope you and your students enjoy these classes and that they add in some way to your learning environment.

The cover art is by my brilliant colleague Angela Plaziuk.