Blind Date — Part II

November 2011


Following on from the Blind Date activity, an actual date in a restaurant is always a good scenario to play out in class.

This particular role play is didactic so the students learn a good deal of non-linguistic knowledge relating to etiquette, dating norms, and social convention.

Two students play a couple on a date in a restaurant while a third player will be the waiter / waitress, whose role is to make life more difficult.

Split the class into groups of three and give them ten minutes to prepare without showing each other their cards. Circulate and assist each student. Don’t allow them to script anything, it works much better if they jump straight in and perform off the cuff. It helps to borrow a menu from a local restaurant before you start this and arrange the tables in the room to make the most of the space you have.

The students should perform in front of the whole class because this skit has huge comedy value particualrly with the waiter throwing a spanner in the works. So allow the strongest groups to go first to set the example.

Give the male player the following card.

Men's Card

Give the female player this card.

Women's Card

Give the waiter this one.

Waiter's Card

Have fun with it!