Try a Bit of Shakespeare...

October 2011


Role Plays!

The Merchant of Venice

A successful young businessman is in need of $10,000 in order to pay for his brother’s wedding. Usually he would have the money but he has recently put a down payment on a new house and has invested with friends in the building of a factory. He is still paying off the loan on his Mercedes and is maxed out on his credit cards, with the rest of his savings tied up in the stock market.

He goes to an illegal money lender who he knows but doesn’t like, and is forced to accept a loan with an unreasonable amount of interest. He really needs the money and is confident he can pay the usury back in three months…

The Merchant of Venice (Part II)

There’s a stock market crash and the businessman is ruined. The money lender is not prepared to give an inch on the loan repayments. The businessman tries to reason with him but he won’t listen. The money lender and his thug insist on repossessing all of his property and businesses.

Julius Caesar

A dictatorial factory boss is constantly rude and overbearing towards his workers. At first they talk about him behind his back but eventually they voice their anger to his face and walk out. One of the workers stays loyal to his boss and refuses to join in the strike.


A domineering wife pressures her husband into taking another job or crossing some personal boundaries resulting in the hen-pecked husband losing control of his life.

Richard II

A young lad ends up stealing money from a friend to pay off debts and win the favour of a girl who he mistakenly believes is interested in him because she said “hi” to him. The girl wants nothing to do with him and he ends up getting caught and going to jail.

Richard III

Karmic justice. A man has made a lot of money from fraudulent insurance claims begins to panic when a ghost visits him in his sleep and reminds of all the things he has stolen. The next morning he resolves to change his ways but it’s too late — the insurance man comes to inspect his house and the man finds out he’s going to prison.


A young lady has an apparition of a ghost who tells them that her boyfriend has a dark secret. He has been having an affair with her best friend for the last six months. She decides to confront the friend.

King Lear

A CEO has two sycophantic senior managers who are trying to gain his favour in order to be made the next Vice President of the firm. One buys him a new Audi, the other buys him a Rolex, while a third manager (who hails from another city) invites the boss to his hometown for dinner with his family. The CEO is not impressed and replaces the manager.

Henry V

A boss finds out from an employee that three of his workers have been stealing money from him. He pretends he doesn’t know at first. The boss fires the thieves and reports them to the police. The workers beg their boss not to punish them but he insists on letting the law deal with them. [Good props for this are wads of fake money and written letters with which he sacks the thieves]

Romeo and Juliet

A young girl returns home to tell her parents some important news: she has fallen in love with a foreign man and they intend to marry. Her parents are horrified and an argument erupts. They have already lined up a nice local boy from a good family, but the girl is adamant that she will marry her love.